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Scout Manager

Professional scouters understand that to run a successful Pack or Troop takes much more than requirements and award management. They all agree in addition to the basics, communication and financials are the cornerstones to manage an effective organization. Scout Manager is a result of thousands of conversations with these professionals and the product has continuously been refined, enhanced and features added for the past 10 years to create one of the most effective scouting software applications anywhere.

While Scoutbook is the official record keeping software for the BSA as an independent unit you can decide which software you use to run the day to day operations of your unit. We've pulled together some of the most compelling reasons why Scout Manager is the right choice for your unit.

Effective Communication

Let’s face it, communicating with your unit can be challenging. Whether you break it down into sub-groups like your leadership team, a patrol/den or need to get something out to the entire unit -- people can get left out. With the challenges 2020 has given us, going digital and staying in touch is more important than ever. Scout Manager provides an effective communication system that follows the natural flow of your unit. As people move around in your scouting unit, Scout Manager is there to ensure your comms are getting to the right people.

Financial Management

Managing finances is one of the most difficult aspects of running a scout unit. Whether it’s accepting payments, handling reimbursements, paying for camps or buying awards Scout Manager has you covered.

The accounting package will help your treasurer manage money and ensure that accounts are always accurate and available. It has a dashboard with everything you need to easily keep track of expenses and revenues using your own categories. A robust set of accounting reports rounds out an impression and easy to use financial package.

## Top 10 Reasons you should be using Scout Manager

External email access for Distribution Lists

Managing lists of email addresses can be difficult. Add in the complexity of adding, removing and updating and it can quickly become the task you dread the most. Scout Manager provides automated distribution lists that are automatically updated as people join, leave and change roles in your unit so that they're always update to date. With external email access using your Email Distribution Lists is easier than ever. Scout Manager allows you to use your favorite email editor (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc) to leverage the built-in system distribution lists. Write the email in the application of your choice and send it to the Distribution List at Scout Manager and it ensures everyone gets your email. It’s fast, easy and secure.

Event Planning

Events are integral to scouting. Planning many events can sometimes feel overwhelming. With Scout Manager Event Planning you can set automated email reminders for attendees, allow scouters to RSVP so you more easily keep track of who’s attending an event, plus much more. It automatically integrates with the advancement module so attendees can get credited for activities like hiking, camping, etc Treasurers get financial integration to easily debit against scout accounts for those attending.

External Calendar Synchronization

Events are integral to scouting. Planning

Keeping parents engaged can be challenging and requiring them to login just to see a calendar doesn’t always work. Scout Manager provides several different methods to allow them to automatically keep their electronic calendar up to date. It can send updates directly to their Google Calendar automatically updating events as you add or change them. Not using Google? There’s also a web integration so that users of external calendar tools such as Cozi, Outlook or iCloud/Calendar can stay updated.

Scout Accounts

Keeping track of scout and adults account balances is super easy and simple. Set initial balances and add transactions quickly and easily with our advanced user interface. Each person can see their account balance and transaction history with a click of the button. Scout Manager accounting is also integrated with event management allowing you to see who will attend an event and charge their account accordingly. No more hand-scribbled notes and word-of-mouth about who attended - just a few clicks of the mouse and the job is done.

Accounting Reports

Committee meetings were never more simple for treasurers! Have all your accounting reports printed and ready to go with monthly and yearly totals effortlessly available. Export to Excel or OpenOffice to create pivot tables, graphs and other visualizations to show where you’ve spent and how much is owed to the troop.

Login with Google or Facebook

People with existing Google or Facebook accounts can use them to login to Scout Manager reducing the need to manage another username and password. It’s quick, easy and secure.

Scoutbook integration

Scoutbook is the official record keeping software for the BSA and keeping your records up to date is important. Scout Manager provides fully automated integration with Scoutbook so that you can quickly and easily synchronize your records with it. If you're onboarding to Scout Manager you can pull down existing scouts, adults and records from Scoutbook. As scouts progress leaders can easily synchronize advancements to Scoutbook in just a few minutes.

Unit Website

From telling your unit story, recruiting new members or keeping people connected, a website is almost a requirement these days. Scout Manager provides a built-in website ready to go allowing you to upload forms, connect photo albums and more. It was designed to be very intuitive so that as people come and go from your unit handing off the webmaster responsibility requires little training. You can even add your own domain name for a truly customized experience. Whatever your goals we've got you covered.

High performance

Your time is valuable and spending time waiting on an overloaded system is not what you intended when you joined scouting. Scout Manager behaves like a high performance layer on top of Scoutbook providing blazingly fast performance so that you don’t have to wait for screens to refresh. Get your administrative tasks done quickly and get back to the things you really enjoy.