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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does Scout Manager cost?
Scout Manager is a low $45/year to operate your Pack or Troop. It provides your unit with unlimited dens, patrols, scout, parents and leaders so you can feel comfortable knowing your unit can grow without increased costs.
  • Do you have a demo unit I can log into?
You bet we do!

Demo Site

Unit Type User name Password
Pack pack.demo demo123
Troop troop.demo demo123

Login to Scout Manager

  • Does Scout Manager integrate with ScoutNet Internet Advancement?
Yes, Scout Manager can produce a ScoutNet compatible file you can upload to the Internet Advancement system.
  • When a file is uploaded to ScoutNet, will it overwrite existing dates for awards earned?
Yes. ScoutNet will use any award dates in the file you upload. Scout Manager allows you to specify a start and end date for creating the ScoutNet export file. This allows you to minimize impact to existing historical award dates for scouts who have been in the system several years.
  • Can my Pack or Troop receive PayPal payments into Scout Manager?
Yes. We have integrated payments for units with PayPal.
  • Can scouts and adults send email?
Yes. All users, including scouts, can send mail to the Pack/Troop leaders and the dens/patrols they belong to.
  • Are email addresses secured to provide youth protection?
Yes. Email addresses, phone numbers and addresses are secured for all users. However, leaders can view this information for everyone.
  • When an adult emails a scout, are his parents automatically copied?
When a scout receives any communication through Scout Manager his parents are copied automatically.
  • Can you send SMS messages through Scout Manager?
No, we have not enabled this functionality.
  • Does Scout Manager use role based security?
Yes. Every user is assigned one or more roles. This affects their ability to perform certain actions in the system. There are roles for Scouts, Parents, Unit Leaders, Den Leaders, Award Coordinators and Treasurers. As Scout Manager expands functionality more roles could be created.
  • When should I promote the scouts in my Pack?
This is a great question to pose to your Pack Committee. Best practice is to promote all scouts at the same time every year. If your Pack operates in a school district with Fall and Spring semesters, you may want to consider promoting them at the end of the Spring semester so they can work on new rank requirements through the summer. The recommendation is to pick a date, communicate it and stick with it.
  • What happens when I promote my Webelos 2 scouts?
Most Webelos 2 scouts will transition to Boy Scouts and may no longer be meeting with the Pack. Scout Manager allows you to decide whether to leave them in place (no rank promotion) or remove the scouts and their parents from the system. You can promote individual dens so you can leave Webelos 2 scouts in place for a few more months after they move to Boy Scouts and then promote the den at a later date to remove them from the system. Sometimes you may want to have those experienced parent’s emails and phone numbers so it’s good to have this flexibility.
  • Can Scout Manager post to Twitter or FaceBook?
No, we have not enabled this functionality.
  • Is there a way to restrict users from being able to edit other user’s profile?
Scout Manager’s role based security prevents users from editing other user’s profile with the following exceptions. If a user is assigned as a Parent to a Scout, the parent can edit the Scout’s profile. If a user is assigned as a Den Leader, s/he can edit profiles for Scouts and Parents in his/her den. If a user is assigned the Unit Leader role, s/he can edit all user profiles for the unit.
  • Will you be implementing the new 2015 Cub Scout advancement?
Yes! Have have already started working to put the new requirements into Scout Manager. The new advancement will be seamlessly integrated in May 2015 and Cub Scouts who are promoted to the next rank will be able to start working against the new requirements. Webelos completing their first year and starting their second year will have the opportunity to continue working on old requirements for another year. Scout Manager will continue to have ALL current award requirements and ranks in the system for quite some time for historical reasons but also to allow Cub Scouts plenty to time to transition to the new requirements. For Webelos scouts wishing to use historical requirements to earn Arrow of Light, Pack leaders will need to manually set the scout's rank to Webelos (historical).
The new Cub Scout 2015 requirements are ready to go! We're targeting to release it on Scout Manager in May along with the BSA's scheduled cut-over. Scouts who are currently first year Webelos will have the opportunity to continue working on historical requirements (pre-2015) to earn their Arrow of Light or they can also use the new 2015 requirements. All other ranks will use the new 2015 requirements.

  • Can Webelos scouts in the same den work on both 2015 and historical requirements to earn the Arrow of Light?
Yes. Scout Manager will support scouts in the same den working on both 2015 and historical requirements. However, it is recommended (for the sake of your Webelos Den Leaders) for the entire den to work on the same set of requirements to earn their Arrow of Light.