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User Security

Any user of Scout Manager must be assigned a role to be able to perform any tasks or view any data. When users are first created in the system they are given a default role that allows them to view some basic information about your unit such as the Pack/Troop information, Dens/Patrols, and the list of adults you have in your unit. They are unable to view details of anybody else but themselves.

To enable more access to view, create or edit things you'll need to grant additional roles.

Here are the roles that can be assigned and their permissions.

  1. Leader - assign this role to the people that need to have full access(*) to your Pack/Troop data in Scout Manager. Full access means they can add/remove users and scouts and view/edit all details of every User Profile in the Pack/Troop. This is generally the Committee Chairman, Cub Master and their direct assistants. (*) - leaders can view the accounting books, but they cannot edit or add transactions.
  2. Awards Coordinators - assign this role to the people that coordinate your awards ceremonies. They'll be able to manage each Scout's awards (add or remove at the award level) and run reports that will help them coordinate handing out awards.
  3. Treasurers - assign this role to the person that manages your Pack or Troop finances. Ideally its just one person although you can add as many as you like. People assigned to this role are the only ones with access to the Scout Accounts feature and they will be able to fully manage each Account. NOTE: ONLY TREASURERS CAN MANAGE ACCOUNTING TRANSACTIONS
  4. Den/Patrol Leader - assign this role to whoever is managing a Den/Patrol. People assigned to this role can view/edit/add/delete scouts within the Den/Patrol as well as view full profile/edit/add/delete parents of those scouts. This role is only assigned when viewing the Den/Patrol and can only be assigned by a "Leader".
  5. Website Admin - has full control over the website.
  6. Events Coordinator - this is assignable per event when editing an event. You can assign this role to adults or scouts which will enable them to manage the event.
  7. Committee Member - like a leader, but does not have the ability to make edits. In addition to regular user rights a person with the Committee Member role has read only access to all Users, Scouts, Dens, Accounts and they can view the Chart of Accounts. Unless they inherit the permission from another assigned role they cannot edit users/scouts, sign off requirements, change awards, change accounts, submit account transactions, etc. They cannot run any accounting reports.

Parents - when you link up a scout with an adult that obtain parent rights. This allows them to view/edit the scout's profile, view their requirements and awards. In Cub Scouts parents may also obtain the permission to sign off on requirements if configure this setting in the Unit Options.

Assigning Leadership Roles

The security features in Scout Manager are there to protect your data and ensure that users can view and perform actions on what you want to grant them and no more. You can assign multiple roles to a user and Scout Manager will properly grant them additional rights.


You can add/remove the leadership roles as needed. As a pre-caution Scout Manager will not allow you to remove yourself as a leader, so if you're retiring your position you'll want to have your replacement remove your role.

Assigning Den Leaders

In addition to Pack/Troop level roles you will also assign leaders to each den. A leader of a den only has security permissions to manage the scouts and parents associated with the den. This means they can view/edit, manage requirements, etc of those scouts/users. They can also add new scouts/users, but cannot move scouts between dens.

Parent Assignment

When you associate a Scout with another User that user takes on the role of Parent. This role allows a user to view/edit a Scout's profile, view his Scout Account and in Packs sign off on requirements (if allowed by the Pack) and take other actions on behalf of the Scout.

Importing Users from another Unit

You may have the situation where you have both a Pack and Troop registered on Scout Manager. In that case you can import users from one into the other so you can leverage the same login for both. To do this you'll need the "Cub/Scoutmasters and Committee" role. Here's how to do it.

  1. Gather the usernames of each person you want to import.
  2. Navigate to the Leaders tab at
  3. On the Click on the "Add Leader" button (don't worry just accessing the import feature)
  4. Click on "Associate existing user from another Unit"
  5. Type in the username, unit number and click OK.

The import occurs without much fanfare. When you revisit the users tab you'll see they've been associated.

Using Scout Manager with multiple units

If you've been associated to multiple units (e.g. a Pack and a Troop) you'll have to "swap" between them. To do this just login like you normally do, then do this to swap to another unit:

  1. Click on your name in the upper right corner to drop down a menu
  2. You'll have an option to "Change Unit". Select this.
  3. All units to which you have access will show in the list. Click on the unit you want to swap over to it.

You can swap back and forth between units all you need. The swap is sticky so whichever you use last will be active when you come back to the site.