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When you define a person in Scout Manager we automatically create a User Profile for them. The profile simply contains details about the person that identifies them within Scout Manager such as their name, address, contact information, etc as well as their Scout/Parent associations. Scouts have an expanded profile that includes their rank, awards, requirements, etc.

To access the User Profile just click on a person's name anywhere it appears in Scout Manager.

Each person can manage his or her own personal information in the User Profile by logging in and clicking menu in the upper left hand corner with their name on it and selecting My Profile.

Share your information

By default Scout Manager will hide your personal information from other people in your Troop/Pack. The exception is anybody in the Scoutmaster/Cubmaster role can view everyone's information.

If you want to share your personal contact information with others (e.g. leaders share to parents) you will need to edit your profile and ensure the option "Personal data is public" is enabled. This option only exposes your information to other people in your Troop/Pack.


Parents can manage also their scout's profile by clicking on the scout's name anywhere on the website and selecting edit.

To associate a parent with a scout you'll need to view one of their profiles and press the associate user button.