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Adding new users

There are two ways to add new users to your Unit. If you have several to add you can Import Users or if you have just a few you can add them manually via the Users tab.


To add new users you must be a unit Leader or the leader of a Den/Patrol. For scouts you should click on the Den/Patrol to which the Scout will be a member and click "Add Scout". For adults simply select Membership => Add User from the menu. In either case fill out the form and then click *"Create"*. If you're in a hurry or don't have complete information all you really need to provide is the First/Last name and an email address. Scout Manager will auto-assign a Username or you can specify one. Most users will provide the rest of the information for you or you can go back later and edit.

When you click the *"Create"* button Scout Manager will email the user an invitation with a link that allows them to validate themselves and then choose a password. If you don't have an email address at the time you create a user they just won't get an invite. You can go back and add the email address later and then click the **"Invite to Scout Manager"** button to send the invite.


Note: you can change a username, but you'll also need to reset the password or the user won't be able to login.

User Specific Options

Each user can control whether their private information is displayed to others in the Unit and whether they receive email notifications via Scout Manager or not.

Option Description
Personal data is public Allows a users private data such as address, phone and email address to be viewed by the rest of the Pack/Troop. It is still not visible to people outside the Pack/Troop.
Opt-out Calendar notify When selected Scout Manager will not send email reminders to the user about upcoming events
Opt-out Email notify When selected the user will not receive emails when somebody uses the email capability within Scout Manager

Archiving & Deleting users

Delete a user. Deleting a user completely and permanently removes them from the system. All their data is removed and there's no getting it back.

Archive a user. This feature places a user (adult or scout) into an inactive state. They do not receive emails, they don't show up on reports, etc. However, all of their data remains in the system so when you restore them you'll still have everything. Archive a user when you don't want to delete their information entirely from the system. That information would consist (but not limited to) of user profile, requirements completed, awards earned and events attended. We'll document the exhaustive list in the documentation. You can think of it as everything about that user EXCEPT their accounting records.


Restore a user. Select the Membership => Archived Users to and click the Archived tab to view users who have been archived. Click the restore icon next to the name of the user you want to restore and then follow the online instructions.


Associating Scouts & Parents

You can and should associate Scouts to their Parents. From the parent's profile click the Add Scout button then type in the name of the scout to associate and click OK. To remove a Scout just click the remove icon.

Associating a Scout to a Parent allows the parent to view and edit the Scout's profile, view his Scout Account, Requirements, Awards and other advancement views. In Cub Scouts Parents can also sign off on requirements if you've enabled that feature in Unit options.

Resetting Passwords

If a user forgets their password any Leader can open the User profile and then click the Reset Password button. This will send them an email with a link allowing them to choose a new password. You cannot set or change somebody else's password for them -- using this method is the only way to reset passwords. As a leader if you forget your password you can contact us and we can click the button for you.

Den/Patrol Management

In Scout Manager Dens and Patrols are simply groupings of Scouts with leaders assigned to each. Depending on whether you're a Pack or Troop you'll see Dens or Patrols. The page provides a list of Dens/Patrols, the number of scouts in it and the leaders assigned to manage it.


Managing the Den/Patrol

We'll continue as if we're a Pack with Dens, but the same concepts below apply to Troops and Patrols.

To add a Den/Patrol click the *"Add new Den"* button. You can name a Den anything you want. Some people use the rank name (e.g. Tiger, Wolf, Bear, etc) and others use the name of the leader to be assigned. If you decide later you don't like what you named the Den you can easily rename it later. Only Pack Leaders can add new dens.

To add a new Scout to a Den click on the Den, then click the *"Add New Scout"* button. To move a scout from one Den to another click on the Scout then click *Edit Profile*. You'll see a drop down box with a list of Dens in it. Select the one you want and then click Save. See below for moving many Scouts at once.

To add or remove a Leader for a Den first click on the Subunit. The click the *"Leaders"* tab. A Den leader has the ability to view and modify the profile and requirements of Scouts contained within and their parents. They can create scouts, assign parents and create new users as parents if needed. Anybody can be assigned as a Den Leader and a person can be assigned as a Leader to more than one Den if needed.

Dens also have their own distribution list automatically defined by the system so inviting your Den to an `Event`_ or sending them an `Email`_ from within Scout Manager is is super easy. As Scouts or Leaders are added or removed from the Den the distribution list is automatically updated for you.

.. _Event: ../communicating/events.html .. _Email: ../communicating/email.html

To remove a Den you must first remove all scouts from it. Then click on the Den and click the *"Remove Den"* button. Only Pack Leaders can remove Dens.

Moving many Scouts between Dens

To quickly move Scouts from Den to Den there's a handy screen under Membership => Move Scouts. This page allows you to drag and drop scouts between Dens to quickly get them exactly where you want them without much effort. Only Pack Leaders can use the Move Scouts page.