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ScoutNET is BSA's computerized record keeping system which makes it possible for all BSA councils to keep their records within a standardized computer system. We are pleased to announce that you can now import your roster of Scouts and advancement data directly from the BSA ScoutNET Internet Advancement system.

Step 1: First start your free trial on Scout Manager by registering your unit.

The 2 month trial is completely free and does not ask for any payment information.

Step 2: Start the ScoutNet import

You can import your unit scouts and awards directly from ScoutNet. This is the fastest way to get started and will import both your entire scout roster as well as all scout awards that have been registered wtih the BSA. You'll need your ScoutNet credentials. Any person with the Leader role (see below) can perform this action via Administration => Data Import, then select ScoutNet import.

When performing the ScoutNet import there are 2 steps.

  • Scoutnet credentials validation - we need to ensure you have valid credentials with ScoutNet before starting.
  • Import from ScoutNet - this is automated a takes several minutes to complete. Please wait patiently while the system does its job. If you browse away from the page the import process will stop. Once Scout Manager has retrieved the data from ScoutNet, the import will automatically begin and then report back the # scouts and # awards that were imported.

After the import completes you can immediately begin using Scout Manager and browse through your scouts/awards.