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Getting Started?

Just getting started? Visit our Getting started page for help on importing data and getting things setup to migrate your Pack or Troop to Scout Manager.

Or follow these easy steps.

  • Step 1: Start your free trial by setting a new account for your unit. The 2 month trial is completely free and does not ask for any payment information. Setup a free trial now
  • Step 2: Import your scouts and awards from ScoutNet. ScoutNET is BSA's computerized record keeping system which makes it possible for all BSA councils to keep their records within a standardized computer system. We are pleased to announce that you can now import your roster of Scouts and advancement data directly from the BSA ScoutNET Internet Advancement system. You can import your unit scouts and awards directly from ScoutNet. This is the fastest way to get started and will import both your entire scout roster as well as all scout awards that have been registered wtih the BSA. You'll need your ScoutNet credentials. Any person with the Leader role (see below) can perform this action via Administration => Data Import, then select ScoutNet import. See the docs on ScoutNet Import for more information on performing this import.

Getting help and answers

As you continue your journey you may have questions. We've provided an extensive User Guide] to help you along the way. You can also reach out to us via email at

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User Management

We provide a variety of User Management tools to allow you to create or import scouts, parents and leaders and update their information quickly and easily. Use the drag-and-drop interface to group scouts into dens or patrols. See at a glance a scout's rank, den or patrol assignment, age, birthday, parents and much more. View all the adults in your pack or troop and quickly find their contact information.

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Awards & Advancement

Scout Manager has nearly 400 awards scouts can earn from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts. It contains requirements for ranks, merit badges, belt loops, pins, Webelos activity pins and adventures. Leaders can easily sign off requirements for individuals or groups of scouts at a time. A robust awards rules engine quickly checks the vast database of requirements and provides immediate feedback when an award is earned.

Leaders and Awards Coordinators can generate reports showing exactly what scouts have earned for a specific time frame. By marking awards as distributed and received, leaders can help reduce costs from duplicating awards given to scouts.

A robust set of advancement reports allows leaders to keep up with every scout's progress in the pack or troop.

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Communication is the single most important task for leaders to get right. And since not every pack or troop communicates in the same way, Scout Manager provides several different communication options to give leaders the breadth they need to be effective communicators.


Scout Manager provides a calendar system which allows all leaders to create Events such as meetings, camp outs, fundraisers or Court of Honors. Leaders can invite specific individuals or entire groups of scouts and adults using distribution lists. Events can be set up to send out multiple reminders so your unit is always informed and ready for the event. Have a recurring meeting? No problem, the Scout Manager calendar allows you to create recurring events for those events to ease the burden of entering them.


Most people use email for communication. Scout Manager provides in an integrate mail service allowing everyone to send mail to others within the pack or troop. Send mail using distribution lists or to specific individuals. Simple start typing the name of the person or group you want to mail and Scout Manager automatically filters the list down to exactly who you are looking for.


Scout Manager provides a newsletter service so you can write and publish articles on your own schedule. Set up a time frame when an article is supposed to be published and it'll automatically be included when the newsletter goes out. So go ahead and write up the articles for the Christmas party, Pinewood Derby, fundraiser or Summer Camp -- let Scout Manager newsletter do the work for you to send out the content. Newsletter is tailored to each person and can include the accounting balance for a user's account automatically.


Treasurers know it takes money to run a Cub Scout Pack and Boy Scout Troop, and no unit should be without a way to manage it's money. Scout Manager provides a double-entry accounting system to help track where money came from and where it was spent. It provides deposit, payment and transfer transactions to allow units a comprehensive way to manage their money. Use the group transactions to have quickly include every scout and adult into a transaction for quick dues or camp out fees. Units manage their chart of accounts by creating the accounts they need to track assets, expenses, liabilities, revenues and members.

Scout Accounts

Some units like to hold money in Scout Accounts for their scouts/users and to distribute money to each from fundraisers and charge them for dues or camp outs. Scout Manager provides this functionality in Member accounts, which is just another name for a liability account.


Scout Manager has a full breadth of accounting reports so Treasurers can easily report the pack or troop's financial balance at Committee meetings. Report account balances, balance sheet and income statement to give you a complete picture of how the unit is operating from a financial perspective.

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