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Sending Mail

How do you send mail using Scout Manager? Sending mail with Scout Manager is quite easy. After logging in, use the Communication menu at to select Send Mail. Next, either select a distribution list or scroll to the bottom of the screen and press Compose Mail. You should now have Bcc and Subject lines and an editor to type the body of your message. Go ahead and start typing your message, but if you get long-winded (or writer's block) be sure to press the Save icon on the editor to save a draft of your message, because if you take too long your login will expire (about 30 minutes) and you'll lose all your hard work. Once you're done writing your message, press the Send button to have it sent out.


Most everyone will only have a Bcc line at the top of the page, but leaders may have To and Cc lines as well. They will all have text boxes next to them with the words Add Users in it. Type the names of the people or distribution lists you want to send your message to. Bcc literally stands for blind carbon copy and is standard with all modern email software. Scout Manager uses Bcc to protect the email addresses of the people you are sending mail to. Some people don't want to share their email addresses with everyone, and this gives your leaders a way to make sure they can control it. However, if your unit wants to allow everyone to see email addresses, they can enable all users to use To and Cc. These fields will expose email addresses to everyone who gets the mail allowing them to use reply to all' features of their email client.

Distribution Lists

Scout Manager provides a distribution list feature to ease the use of it's mail system for all users. here are 2 types of distribution lists: system and personal.

Personal Distribution Lists

Each user can create their own distribution lists to manage however they want. By default all distribution lists are private so only the person creating them can view and use it, however you can choose to make your distribution list public so that others in your Troop/Pack may use them as well. You can also assign other people as an owner of a distribution list enabling them to be able to add/remove users as well.

To create or manage a distribution list, login first and click on the top menu Communication => Manage distribution lists. Next, click on the tab called Manage Distribution Lists. Click on a distribution list to edit it or Add Distribution List to create a new one. Provide a descriptive name for your distribution list and then start adding users to your list.


Sometimes you may want to have several people helping maintain a distribution list (or transfer ownership). The owners of a distribution list are the people who will have access to see and edit it. They will also receive the communication whenever someone uses it.


Put the people who will be on the distribution list here. These are the people who will be receiving the communication whenever someone uses it. These people will not be able to make changes to the distribution list and may not even know it exists.

Why should I create a distribution list?

Some large packs and troops serve multiple schools or cities/towns/suburbs. For instance, if a particular elementary school is wanting to have all its Cub Scouts participate in a flag ceremony it may not make sense to send out communication to everyone in the pack. You could create a distribution list for the scouts who attend this school and target them with your email.

System Managed Distribution Lists

The system distribution lists are auto-managed by Scout Manager. As a leader have control over them by adding/removing people in specific roles, dens, etc. The distribution lists labeled such as "All Pack 362 Adults.." pulls in anybody you have defined in the system. If you want to remove them, but keep their information you can archive them. Doing this will them off the main distribution lists, reports, etc.

The following distribution lists are created automatically.

  • All Scouts and Adults in the Pack or Troop
All users including scouts.
  • All Adults
Only adults (not scouts)
  • All Leaders
Adult leaders listed on the Leaders tab: cubmasters, scoutmanagers, commmitee members, den leaders, award coordinators and treasurers.
  • Treasurers
Adult leaders with the Treasurer role
  • Award Coordinators
Adult leaders with the Awards Coordinator role
  • Each Den or Patrol
All scouts, parents and Den Leaders associated with the particular den or patrol.


Scout Manager distribution lists can also be used when sending out invites to Events!

Mail Security

Scout Manager imposes the following security restrictions on users when sending mail.

  • General Users
Users who are not leaders fall into this category. They can not send mail to everyone in the pack or troop. They can only send mail to unit leaders(Cub/Scoutmasters, committee members, award coordinators, treasurers) and scouts and parents in the den or patrol they are associated with. If they want to send mail to everyone, ask them to step up to volunteer to help lead.
  • Den Leaders
Den leaders in a pack can send mail to their den and all leaders including other Den Leaders.
  • Unit Leaders
Unit leaders can send mail to all users.

Anytime a scout receives an email from Scout Manager, their associated users (parents/guardians/etc) are also copied.