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Scout Manager's calendar feature provides you with a great way to set up events, track who has attended and communicate with your pack or troop.


View the calendar by navigating using the menus: Communication => Calendar.

  • Use the month and year drop-down lists to quickly navigate to a specific month and year.
  • use the forward/backward buttons to move a month at a time.
  • The calendar keeps track of the last month and year you were viewing
  • Members will only see the events which they have been invited to specifically or from being on a distribution list

My Events

This is an agenda style view of the events a member has been invited to. It shows whether a member has attended, the RSVP status and comments.

  • Change to this view by navigating using the menus: Communication => My Events or by pressing the My Events button from the calendar view
  • Members use this view to RSVP to events which have requested it.
  • Members can add personal comments to the event for their profile, such as "I'm going to be 15 minutes late" or "Camping Saturday night only!"
  • You can export or print the data shown on this screen using the Export or Print buttons.
  • Leaders or the owner of an event can Track Attendance from this view.

Add Event

To add a new Event to the calendar, navigate to Communication ==> Calendar and press the Add Event button.

  • To field
Start typing the name of the members or distribution list you want to invite to your event. Select the member and continue typing more names to add more invitees.
  • Subject
Set a descriptive subject so people who are invited will know at a glance what the meeting is about.
  • Location
Set the location of the event
  • Start and End time
Set the date and time of the event.
  • RSVP
Check this box if you want to allow invitees to let you know if they are attending or not. Super useful for camp outs, fundraisers and Court of Honor!
  • Email reminder
Choose how many days in advance you want to send an email reminder to the invitees
  • 2nd Email reminder
Choose how many days in advance to send a second email reminder
  • Immediate notification
Check this box to send to immediately send an updated event or reminder out to invitees. The email is sent after you press the Save button.
  • Details
Add all the details you want to explain what the event is, what will happen and anything members needs to bring.
  • Repeats
If this is a recurring event, press the Repeating Schedule button to set the recurring schedule of this meeting.

Recurring Meetings

If you have a meeting every Monday night, then use the Repeating Schedule button to quickly set up all your meetings.

  • Set up weekly or monthly occurrences
  • Set up yearly occurrences by using monthly and setting it to every 12 months

Once all your meetings are set up:

  • If there are some meetings falling on days you don't want to meet, such as holidays, Spring Break, Christmas break or after summer camp, then you can navigate to those days and delete just those occurrences of the meeting.
  • Update individual meetings to add specific details to those meetings.

Delete recurring meetings by editing the Series and pressing the Delete button. This will delete all events set up by this recurrence series.

Delete an Event

To delete an event, navigate to the event and click on it.

  • Press the Delete button
  • You must be a Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Committee Member or the person who created the Event to delete it.

Track Attendance

You can Track Attendance for an event if you are a Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Committee Member or the person who created the Event. Click an event to go into edit mode, then press the Track Attendance button.