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You should think about Advancement in terms of Requirements and Awards. In each Scouts profile there are Requirements and Earned Awards tabs.

Signing off Requirements

In Scout Manager you're able to track the individual requirements each Scout has completed. To do this go into a Scout's profile, click on the Requirements tab and you'll see the relevant rank and awards that he's working on (the relevant rank/awards is determined by the rank you assign to him on his profile). Click the rank or award the scout is working toward and sign off on the completed requirements. As requirements are completed a green checkbox will appear when a section is completed. This is really handy for the complex requirements where you might be unsure whether a Scout has completed the necessary requirements or not -- Scout Manager will figure it out for you.

Some requirements require other awards (see #5 below). In this case Scout Manager will automatically sign off the requirement when those awards are earned and recorded in the system.

When the award is completed Scout Manager will automatically add it to the Scout so that it shows up on reports, etc (see Awards below). To reflect this a green checkbox will also appear next its name in the Requirements view. In some cases there are multiple awards (e.g. Beltloops and Pins) so a small red number will appear with the green check mark to indicate how many are completed.

If you make a mistake and check too many boxes, just uncheck them. Scout Manager will automatically figure out if a section or award is completed and keep the system correct.

Only Pack/Troop Leaders, Den Leaders and Cub Scout Parents (if allowed in Pack Options) can modify whether a Scout's requirements.



To view the awards a scout has earned go to the Scout's profile and click on the Earned Awards tab. When a Scout completes an award (through signing off on all the requirements) Scout Manager will automatically create a record for it within the system and it will be reflected on their Earned Awards tab. Awards Coordinators can also assign (or remove) awards here for historical purposes (e.g. a scout transfers into your Troop/Pack) by setting the date the award was earned. Awards displayed here will show up on Awards Coordinator reports based on the date they earned it.

NOTE: Only users assigned the Awards Coordinator leadership role can change Award information!


Advancement Reporting

Use the menu option Advancement => Earned Awards to access the advancement reports.

Sending your Advancement data to ScoutNet

To send your advancement data to ScoutNet you'll follow these steps.

  1. Export your advancement data from Scout Manager
  2. Upload your data to ScoutNet

Export your advancement data from Scout Manager

Before you start your export we recommend that you review your scouts' data and ensure each scout has the correct first/middle/last name and birthday. This information is required by the BSA to properly to match your records and any deviation will cause your data to not match up.

To create a file that you can upload to ScoutNet use the menu option "Advancement => Export to ScoutNet". Enter the date range for the awards you need to send to ScoutNet then press the Validate and Download button. ScoutManager will validate that you have a first name, last name and birth date for each scout. If any of your scouts are missing the required information ScoutManager will tell you which records need to be updated. You'll need to update the data before you can continue.

When your data validates successfully, press the Download Scout Advancement File. Most modern browsers will automatically download the file into your Downloads directory, however some browsers may open the file into a browser window. If this happens select File => SaveAs and save the file manually to your computer. It is important that you don't open and save the data file as ScoutNet is very particular about the format. Some applications may change the format and cause your file to be rejected by ScoutNet.

Upload your data to ScoutNet

Login to ScoutNet and follow their 3 step process to upload your advancement data. Pay close attention after the upload finishes as ScoutNet will tell you if any scouts are mismatched. If so you need to decide how you want to handle it. Review the data and then complete the process to record your advancements.