Camp is coming! It is the highlight of the year.  All pricing is for 1 Scout and 1 Adult.  If more than 1 Adult wants to come, please contact us before signing up.

At our Pacnic in May, your scout will graduate and move on to the next rank. This is important to remember when signing up for camp. So after the Pacnic, if your scout will be a Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, or Weblos I, camp will be Friday August 5th through Sunday August 7th.  Webelos 1 will have the option to stay n extra night.  Webelos II (Arrow of Light) will be August 6-9.

*All parents are highly encouraged to take the Youth Protection training before going to camp.  While it is not required, it is very good information to help educate parents and to also help protect our kids so they have a fun and safe time while at camp.

You can take the online training at You'll have to create an account...once you do go to:

>Click on the "Cub Scout" tab under E-learning Course Management System
>Take Youth Protection Training Course