Cub Scout Pack 348 is a self-funded, all-volunteer organization which requires parent contributions of both volunteer time and money to make the pack successful.


Volunteer Information / Leadership

Cub Scouting is a family program & the pack is operated completely with volunteers.  The leadership of the pack must have strong support from each adult to continue to provide exceptional experiences for the boys.  On this website is a listing of all volunteer positions.  All adults are asked to help with at least one project or fill a position.  Please take time to consider how you can best apply your talents.  Many of the positions are run on a mentor basis, in which the experienced person in the role trains someone for an entire year before transitioning the responsibilities.


Parent Information

Our efforts are aimed at making scouting fun and educational for the boys as well as the parents.  In order to do this, we need the following support from parents:

  • Encourage your scout and participate with him.
  • Closely read all email announcements.  All pack emails will contain ?Pack 348? in the subject line. Mark your calendars accordingly.
  • Be on time for the start of all activities as a courtesy to the group.
  • Be sure to return all forms promptly.
  • Volunteer your time willingly. We need help in many diverse areas, so please step forward.


Scout Information
Annual Pack 348 Dues are $65.00:

$24.00 for National registration and insurance.
$12.00 for a yearly subscription to Boys Life Magazine.
$29.00 for Pack dues, which includes the neckerchief and handbook appropriate for rank, Northern Star Council patches, and all earned awards for the year.

You will need to go to one of the Scout Shops to purchase a shirt and then arrange to have them sewn on the shirt.  Pants, hats, and other Scout merchandise sold at the scout shop are not required.

There is a fundraising requirement to sell Christmas Wreaths, Birdseed, and other wreath-like product during October and November.  This event provides our operating funds for the entire year, and the last two years resulted in ALL events being free of charge (except camping).  Before then, there were $3-$5/per person charges for the major events such as Fall Outing, Blue & Gold Banquet, and the PackNic.  We do not set a minimum requirement, but we do have an easily attainable goal per scout and an incentive program that includes reducing the camping cost by half per scout.

There is also a Friends of Scouting drive where a voluntary contribution is requested during February's Blue & Gold Banquet.